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First introduced with The Taken King and reappearing over the weekend, Mayhem is a specialist mode within Destiny's PvP that basically turns everything up to 11. It's not available as a permanent game type, but it damn well should be, and every other FPS should have it as well.


If you're that rare breed of gamer who is dedicated to Destiny on the Xbox One, you deserve some credit. It's been a hard slog, and being shut out of exclusive content can't have been fun. But I have some bad news for you -- if you were hoping to finally get access to some of the timed exclusives from The Taken King, you'll have to wait a little longer.


For the past week, I've done very little but play Destiny, a video game in which you travel through space lamenting that Destiny has gotten way harder to make fun of in the first lines of Kotaku posts because it's so friggin' good now.


When Destiny first launched, it was a half-baked, punishing game with the barest hint of a story, delivered through crummy dialogue and repetitive missions that tasked you with shooting endless waves of enemies. One year later, everything's changed.


I recently visited Bungie's mall-sized Mother Base for the second time in my life, and the emotions inside me were the utter opposite of the fangasm I felt in 2014. Year-ago-Adam was wowed by the scale of this Graceland. He was ecstatic to see the first reveal of a 10-year thing called Destiny. His notepad was already bursting with excitable questions, at least two of which included the phrases “Halo MMO” and “Peter Dinklage OMG”.

God, I want to slap 2014 me. From a running start.


Here is a very pretty new limited edition PS4 that will ship on September 15 alongside the new expansion for Destiny, a video game about the triumphs and flaws of capitalism.