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The knockout stage of League of Legends’ biggest tournament of the year gets underway this weekend with only eight teams from across the globe left.

One coach, whose team was recently sent packing after their loss earlier in the week, gave an impassioned speech to two of the remaining underdog European teams, encouraging them to play the styles that most appeal to their personalities rather than what the current popular strategies demand.


The three-day finals for Broadcaster Royale, a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tournament featuring 80 duo teams of streamers from around the world, unfolds this weekend at PAX West’s Paramount Theatre. The matches started today at 4AM AEST, streaming on the Broadcaster Royale Twitch channel and also on each competitor’s individual Twitch channel.


The International 2018 ends tomorrow. By day’s end, over $US25 million ($34 million) will be divided up among 18 teams from around the world with the lion’s share, $US11.1 million ($15 million), going to first place. Whoever that turns out to be at this point, though, will be a team almost nobody saw coming.

The tournament for Valve’s action strategy game Dota 2 saw favourites crushed and underdogs rise up in the first day of matches, and the shocking upsets haven’t stopped since.


It’s a cold enough winter to hibernate here in video game land, but esports does not rest. This weekend brings us a packed lineup of Smash, League, Heroes and Fortnite, as well as multiple PUBG and Rocket League tournaments.