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It's the week most of you have been waiting for. It's Smash time. But for those that don't own a Switch, or don't care about Smash at all, there are some interesting titles you'll want to keep an eye on.


We're getting to the quieter end of the year when it comes to blockbuster releases. But interesting games? There's still plenty of those. How about an Asterix remaster, Valve's digital dabble into card games, the first expansion for Battletech, a new grand space sandbox in X4 and the Switch's first cricket game.


After the deluge of AAA titles, things are starting to calm down a fraction. It's still a massive week for two reasons though: Battlefield 5 gets its full launch tomorrow, the Magic: The Gathering x Dungeons & Dragons crossover drops with Guide to Ravnica, and Warframe takes over the Switch.


A surprisingly jam packed week to kick off November. Hitman 2 is probably the biggest name out of everything this week, but there's also a ton of intriguing indies. Case in point: the wonderfully watercolour 11-11: Memories Retold, a story about a photographer in World War 1.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally out, but that doesn't mean the flood of fresh games has come to an end. This week's got an especially demonic flavour, with Diablo 3 hitting the Switch and Call of Cthulhu here for horror fans.


We're finally into the time of year where blockbusters start avoiding each other. Red Dead Redemption 2 is just around the corner, but this week most of the oxygen is being sucked up by Black Ops 4.


The silly season rolls on. While there's no major platform exclusive, there's plenty of highlights: the Life is Strange sequel lands, football fans get another story mode to explore in FIFA 19, Ultimate Chicken Horse gets pride of place on the Switch, and Valkyria Chronicles 4 officially drops. There's also a new Pathfinder game, which is fun.


For Switch owners, a whole new world opens up this week: Undertale. The beloved RPG finally makes its way to Nintendo's platform this week. Will people start opening up on the bus or the train the way they did with the original release?


Last week was all about swinging from rooftops and paratrooping out of the skies. This week, the drawcard is exploring underground and below the water line - and discovering what happens when nicking artifacts from tombs goes badly wrong.

Also, there's a Danger Mouse game out this week.


Been looking forward to that Theme Hospital spiritual successor? Then you'll be pleased to know it drops this week. And if that wasn't enough to keep you going, then you might like to know that Divinity: Original Sin 2 hits consoles this week, Mini Metro gets a Switch version, the Lord of the Rings LCG is finally dropping on Steam, and Rebellion branches out from the Sniper Elite games with a '30s co-op romp through Egyptian tombs in Strange Brigade.

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Bit of an unusual mix this week: the original Shenmue games make an appearance on platforms again, while F1 2018 arrives to cheer up the motorheads. A range of games find new homes this week, with Inquisitor Martyr jumping over to consoles, and the crappy FMV classic Night Trap finds a new lease of life on the Switch.


There's a lot of war flying around this week: Azeroth gets set alight with the newest World of Warcraft expansion, Phantom Doctrine brings a touch of XCOM to the Cold War, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes hits the Switch, and the Bard's Tale franchise gets its newest title in seemingly forever.


After the lull comes the flood. The post-E3 quiet period has begun to lift, with PC players getting the best of it this week: Monster Hunter World. This week also sees the release of We Happy Few after the game's ban and reclassification, while Dead Cells comes out of early access proper.

WW2 shooter fans will get Post Scriptum to play around with. It's a packed Week in Games.


And then there was ... disco lights. One of the best games of last year hits the PC this week, Yakuza 0. And there's a ton of interesting indies around that too: Hellblade gets a VR port, Forsaken arises from the annals of history thanks to a Night Dive remaster, and Sam Barlow's latest game comes to Xbox.


No Man's Sky has come a long way since launch, but what does proper multiplayer in the Hello Games universe look like? We find out the answer to that this week, with the game dropping on Xbox One for the first time while the NEXT update hits all consoles.

That's not the only release of note though: Banner Saga 3 drops across the board this week, consoles get some Mega Man X legacy action, and the 3DS gets a new Warioware game.