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It's a good week if you like pretty things on a screen. The flashy effects of the Marvel vs Capcom universe are back, thanks to MvC: Infinite. And if you like lots of car porn, Project CARS 2 will have something to say.

And it doesn't stop there: Ubisoft's new multiplayer shooter drops in a couple of days, and Guild Wars 2 gets a massive expansion. Here's This Week in Games.


Who's ready to swear at the Cryptarch all over again? That's right, it's Destiny 2 time. But it's not just AAA shooters that are coming out this week - the Switch also has a glut of releases, and there's a couple of very intriguing indies. Also, Knack 2.


In what will probably be the first and last time I'm excited for anything involving Rabbids, the biggest release this week is comfortably the unusual cross-over between Mario and Ubisoft.

But the list of big hitters doesn't stop there: the first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm drops this week, ARK: Survival Evolved comes out of Early Access, and RedOut gets a well-deserved console release. It's a big week in games, people.


Were you enjoying the lull in game releases over the last month or so? Well, I have good (or bad, depending how big your Pile of Shame) news. It's over. Well and truly over.

Take this week as an example. There's the console release of Sonic Mania. StarCraft: Remastered finally launches. There's the Nidhogg sequel. Night Trap is back. Undertale is getting a console launch, as is Conan Exiles and Tokyo 42. Strap in, it's getting busy.


For most people, the biggest thing out this week will be the return of The Bat. I'm talking the latest season of Telltale's Batman adventures, of course, the first episode of which drops fairly early in the week.

But there's a few other games worth keeping an eye on. The most curious of them is the return of Ninja Theory, by way of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, a game about a Celtic warrior struggling with psychosis. If that wasn't enough, Cliffy B's LawBreakers is finally out, while WW2 RTS fans are catered for with a new Sudden Strike.


There's not a great deal of games out this week, although the quality among what's there is pretty damn high. Patapon returns to PlayStation this week, while consoles also get the superb Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.

As far as new releases go, the makers of Gone Home will finally be releasing their latest adventure, Tacoma. It's the biggest release of the week, and you'll hear quite a bit about it come Friday. But that's not all: the Aztec strategy/slasher Aztez also comes out tomorrow, and there's a few other indies worth keeping track of as well. Here's This Week in Games.


July's traditionally one of the quietest months in the gaming calendar, although there's been quite a few standouts this time around. And rounding out the month this time around are games with a bit more of a sporting flavour.

There's the locally-produced Rugby League Live 4, made down in Melbourne. Pyre comes from the same studio that made Bastion and Transistor, but it's a vastly different kettle of fish, blending a party-based RPG with a game about navigating a ball into your enemies goal. The Switch gets a new minigolf game this week, the PSVR gets a physics-based action game, and the makers of Jotun are back with another hand-drawn Metroidvania. Let's check out This Week In Games.


What this week lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Splatoon 2 launches at the end of the week, while PSVR hands will finally be able to get their hands on one of the best VR titles around. Gigantic comes out of beta after a long time in the wilderness, and Xbox fans can finally get their hands on the quirky What Remains of Edith Finch.

If that wasn't enough, Rift fans will also be able to get Lone Echo and its Ender's Game spin-off multiplayer game, Echo Arena. Like I said: This Week In Games is small, but certainly busy.


We're inching further away from E3 now, which means one thing: the amount of games being released each week is starting to ramp up exponentially. But there's only one big dog coming out this week: the Final Fantasy 12 remaster.

If that's not your flavour of game, however, there's plenty else. Antihero is an intriguing strategy game involving street urchins, Minecraft Story Mode is back with a second season, and an Aussie game comes to the Switch in Death Squared. Here's This Week In Games.


Well, the post-E3 lull is officially here. There's not a great deal to speak of this week, save for a couple of curious titles. The first is That's You!, the first game to show off the PS4's PlayLink feature and something very akin to the Jackbox games.

Beyond that, we've got Accel World and Sword Art Online coming together in a JRPG, an intriguing indie adventure about lying, and ... horse racing. No, really.


After the inevitable lull in releases that follows every E3, this week is back with a bang. There's not a great deal of flagship releases, although Breath of the Wild is getting its first DLC, Arizona Sunshine makes its way over to PSVR, America's Army is coming to the PS4 and there's a new Danganronpa game. And the PS4 is finally getting Elite Dangerous, too.

But I can't shake the feeling that I'm forgetting something. Why, of course. Crash Bandicoot is out this week.


As you'd expect, there isn't a whole lot coming out in the aftermath of E3. But there are a few bits and pieces worthy of interest. If you're into MMOs, Final Fantasy 14 is getting its massive Stormblood expansion, Get Even finally launches after an impromptu delay, the Switch gets a couple of ports, and the massive conspiracy MMO acid trip that is Secret World gets a reboot this week.


Unsurprisingly for the week before E3, there's fewer than normal games out this week. But what is coming out is worth a look, especially if you like going around tracks real fast.

Why? Because it's WipEout week.


After a delay at the last moment, it's finally time for Jean-Luc Picard to take centre stage. Because Star Trek: Bridge Crew is finally releasing.

That's not all though: the Burnout alumni devs are back with another game about blowing cars up, Tokyo 42 lands, and some oldschool Vietnam FPS action from the makers of Red Orchestra. Let's look at This Week in Games.


May hasn't been as hectic as the last couple of months when it comes to releases, but it's certainly not for lack of trying. This week is especially chockers: Rime is finally available, almost four years after it was announced, another Star Ocean game appears, the Wii U gets a new game, there's a platformer about a dog trying to save its owner, and Ultra Street Fighter 2 lands on the Switch.

But the one that will probably catch most people's eyes is the return of an underrated gem: the remaster of Vanquish hits PC this week, complete with an unlocked framerate and 4K support.


Like slicing and kicking the shit out of people? Then you'll enjoy the range of titles on offer this week. Injustice 2 lets you (virtually) put the foot into Superman or Batman's junk. Lo Wang returns to slice and dice enemies in Shadow Warrior 2, there's an arena fighter between black and white samurai, PlayStation VR gets one of its biggest releases yet, and there's an adventure involving some bloke called Mr. Pumpkin.


If you're a fan of old games, I have good news: this week is all about the nostalgia. Top of the pile we've got STRAFE, a procedurally generated, very 90's looking shooter. And right next to that channelling the spirit of one of the best arcade games of the same era is NBA Playgrounds, which pretty much everyone and their dog swears is just a new NBA Jam.

Sounds alright to me. But let's see what else will be hitting shelves physical and digital this week.


Well I hope you're all rested up from four day weekends and family time, because this year isn't going to let up. The big one this week is Prey, and fans of Magic will be happy to see the new Amonkhet block. There's also something for AFL fans. And next week, we've got Strafe and more...