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Next week some of the bigger names of the first quarter will land, including For Honor and the Nazi slaughterbox that is Sniper Elite 4. But for this week, there's just one big title: Nioh. And if you're in the market for something different, there's quite a few interesting indies hitting various platforms, including the ASCII-dungeon crawler Brut@l and the re-release of the arcade racer Ignition.


Some weeks you have plenty of gems and then other weeks are as quiet as a mouse. This one's definitely the latter. After Resident Evil 7 last week, the most we've got to look forward to is some re-releases, new bundles, JRPGs getting ported to PC, and the odd adventure.


We're starting to get into the business end of the gaming calendar already. While most of this week's releases are either ports or your typical indie fare, there's two major entries that people have been waiting for.

First up is the new Resident Evil, which should be fun if only to see all the PSVR footage again of people screaming at jump scares. Secondly is the immense Yakuza 0, which has finally made its way to the West almost two years after its Japanese release.


So we're finally done with the Switch, and we're halfway through January. The quiet period is almost over. And while there's no major releases this week, there are plenty of intriguing indies coming out.


Welcome to 2017, people. It's the first week back, which means it's the first week back for This Week In Games. And while there certainly isn't a whole lot as far as volume is concerned, one title in particular makes up for that in quality.

It's Isaac time.


Amazingly, there are still plenty of games coming out this week. But if you're not interested in the new Walking Dead season, most of them are the titles on Steam that you'd normally ignore. It's probably time to start exploring that Pile of Shame.


Christmas might be just around the corner, but there's still plenty of gaming left in the year. And this week's theme is all about farming: whether you're tending to your blueberries and wine, farming the strike, or farming for loot on a derelict spaceship.


Who knows what the gaming industry will look like whenever Fumito Ueda's next game comes out. Will we have moved on from consoles entirely? Who knows.

Either way, The Last Guardian is finally here. And while it's far from the only major release this week, it's easily the one people have been waiting the longest for. But there's actually quite a few interesting games out, from a VR take on Werewolf to 3DS JRPGs to a Space Hulk FPS.