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  • You Can Finally (Finally!) Suspend Your Returnal Runs

    You Can Finally (Finally!) Suspend Your Returnal Runs

    It only took 179 real-world cycles, but Returnal, history’s glossiest Blue Öyster Cult music video, will finally let you close the game without erasing your progress. Developer Housemarque revealed the news of a “suspend game” option — easily the most-requested feature among fans — in a video detailing a big 2.0 update for one of…

  • Deathloop: The Kotaku Review

    Deathloop: The Kotaku Review

    Video games are inescapably intertwined with iteration and do-overs. It’s written into the technology that builds them, the development practices that craft them, and often the very rules governing how they work: win-lose, trial and error.