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When I was in sixth grade, my best friend at the time penned a short story for a school assignment that was titled “The Video Game That Sucked Me Into It.” We did not have the lingo of “self-insert fanfiction” or “Mary Sue” at the time - I’m pretty sure neither of us even had an America Online account at this point - but this hard-copy tale was the offline, ur-version of that, the story of a young man very much like the author who found himself pulled into his CRT and on an adventure with the cast of Super Mario World.


While Kojima Productions doesn't have a game demo booth at this year's Tokyo Game Show, it does have a merchandise booth. You can buy Kojima Productions branded T-shirts, key chains, logo figures and more. The studio sure is good at churning out merch.


In 2014, Yokai Watch's popularity exploded in Japan. The 3DS game and its anime became a nationwide phenomenon, with kids singing the theme song (and doing its catchy dance) and begging their parents to buy them Yokai Watch toys.


One of the biggest booths at this year's Tokyo Game Show is for Ninjala, a multiplayer action game for Nintendo Switch. The character design and the colour palette are reminiscent of Splatoon, but I wondered if that's where the similarities end.


Real video game professionals know that Tokyo Game Show isn’t just about trying out new games, it’s also about loading up on expensive game-themed merchandise. There’s a startling array of awesome licensed goods here for you to blow your paycheck on. Here are the best of this year.


Sure, sure, everybody’s excited about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but let us not forget about From Software’s other upcoming game, which comes out on November 6: Déraciné, a slow-paced adventure game set in a boarding school. I played it at Tokyo Game Show, and now I can’t wait to play more.


At the Square Enix Music booth at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, there’s a display of original Chocobo artwork done by the creators of various Final Fantasy games. Some of these creators aren’t visual artists by trade, so the results are a little interesting.


Every year, the Tokyo Game Show seems to have a specific theme. One year, there was a plethora of mobile games and another year VR was getting all the buzz. This year, there are certainly a good number of gaming chairs.