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The forthcoming Survival expansion for Ubisoft's huge third-person open-world shooter The Division will turn the game into a treacherous multiplayer survival game in which hunger, heat and thirst are as deadly as any enemies roaming the game's virtual New York City. The game's developers explained the surprisingly ambitious mode during a surprise livestream on Monday night - and they announced that it will be playable for some PC players today.


Ubisoft's third-person shooter The Division has been one of 2016's most interesting successes and one of its worst fiascoes. The people who make it now hope it can also be the year's best comeback story.


This week, The Division got its first major expansion. It adds some pretty cool stuff to the game, but I've been having a hard time getting into it. Turns out once you've fallen off the Division train, it's hard to get back on.


There's something uniquely horrid about the prospect of biological warfare. There's the obvious: diseases like ebola are strong candidates for the very worst way a person can die. Then there's the careless, wanton nature of the destruction: unlike other weapons, you can't 'aim' a plague.


As anyone who's both played The Division and been to New York can instantly recognise, the developers did a pretty good job nailing the look and feel of the city's streets. Which is cool for tourists and residents, but what about cartographers?


Lately, my time with The Division has dwindled. That's partly because I've had other games to play, but mostly because I've lost interest in the endgame grind. I still fundamentally like playing the game, so I've been looking for ways to spice things up.