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I play Gran Turismo games because they're like an interactive version of a glossy car brochure. Others, like Dirt, I play for the sensation of barely keeping in control of a car that looks a lot like the one actually parked in my garage. But then there's F-Zero GX.

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Marijuana can make a bad movie good and a good movie great. But it's got to be the right movie, one with ideas you can explore more deeply, or absurdity you can appreciate more naturally. The balance is delicate, just like picking the right kind of weed. And as 4/20 has recently passed, we've created a new list of films to watch when you want to get sci-high.


Today, the term "gaming chairs" is synonymous with those gaudy padded monstrosities you see in the background of a Twitch video. But in the late '80s/early '90s, a Japanese company had a much simpler idea.


We tend to associate video game intros with lavish, pre-rendered cinematic sequences. Something to help kickstart the story, set the tone. Which is fine, but there's been a video game intro stuck in my head for over seven years now, and it wasn't trying to tell me a story. It was trying to teach me something.


For his work on novels like War of the Worlds and The Island of Doctor Moreau, British author HG Wells is rightly lauded as a visionary. What often gets lost amongst the applause for his ideas on science fiction, though, is another area he was a pioneer: the field of tabletop wargaming.


If it wasn't for his wife getting a Fullbright teaching scholarship, Civilization 2 -- or Civilization 2000, as it was called internally -- may never have seen the light of day. But that's what happened to Brian Reynolds, lead designer on the iconic game, who relocated from the United States to London to support his partner.


As the creator of Nintendo's Pokemon series, Satoshi Tajiri is one of the most important (if not well-known) developers working in video games today.