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Every character in Overwatch is different. It's one of the most obvious (and fascinating) things about the game. There are big characters, small characters, attack characters, support characters... and there's Tracer, my new total favourite character.


A major part of Overwatch's appeal is character personality, but not because they're overflowing with it, per se. Overwatch's characters are colourful vessels for players to inhabit, foundations on which to build. Blizzard gives us their motivation, a bit of backstory and some banter, but players' imaginations are meant to do the heavy lifting. Unsurprisingly, Overwatch fans churn out art, fan fiction, video, and, of course, porn like their lives depend on it.


The decision to remove Tracer's over-the-shoulder pose from Overwatch has been a hot topic over the last 24 hours, prompting complaints, debates and petitions about the pose and the way Blizzard has handled the situation.

But Overwatch's director, Jeff Kaplan, has no qualms with the choice whatsoever. In fact, according to a clarification late this afternoon, removing the now-contentious pose was actually easy.