trauma center

  • I Travelled Across The World To Play Doctor

    I Travelled Across The World To Play Doctor

    Sometimes you have to stop and think about how ridiculous things are. I spent hundreds of hours mastering an obscure Nintendo DS game that I jokingly call Anime Malpractice Simulator and then flew to Washington D.C. where I helped raise money for charity while dressed in scrubs.

  • A Real Doctor Plays Trauma Center

    Trauma Center is a ridiculously over the top surgery simulator, although calling it a simulator is rather generous. People wonder what would happen if a real doctor tried to tackle Atlus’s anime malpractice simulator and today we have our answer.

  • Reader Retrospective: Trauma Center

    We haven’t had a Reader Retrospective for quite some time, so when Kotaku reader Trjn sent me an email with his experience of playing through Trauma Center: Under the Knife, I thought this might be the perfect time to resurrect it. Much like Trjn, Trauma Center remains one of my favourite games on the DS…