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Over the next few days, Netflix is embarking on a mass-deletion blitzkrieg, with over 60 movies and TV shows set to disappear from its servers. Noteworthy casualties include Grease, Donnie Darko, The Godfather, Ocean's 11, the Oscar-nominated Room and er, Miley Cyrus' LOL.

Here's everything that will be gone on November 30. Watch them while you still can!

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When Netflix Australia launched in 2015, it promised that no content would be deleted month-to-month. Those days are now over. As licensing agreements begin to expire, more and more content is beginning to disappear from the service.

This month's casualties include Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, American Sniper, Knock Knock, Children of Men and the critically acclaimed sci-fi series The Expanse. Watch them while you've still got the chance!

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Netflix's worldwide streaming dominance is wholly dependent on the strength of its original content. Fortunately for subscribers, a bunch of hot new shows are slated to appear next year. Here are ten compelling titles you might not have heard about - including one from Australia.


I get a huge kick out of fiction within fiction. I particularly love it when fake games are included to further flesh out a world.

We see this in video games a fair bit -- particularly card games that players can use to make bank. Gwent is a strong example, being so popular that it's being released as a standalone. And let's not forget the likes of Pazaak and Wicked Grace.


The fifth season of Game Of Thrones kicks off in a few hours' time and speculation is heating up on who will survive to the very end. In characteristically sadistic fashion, series creator George R. R. Martin has promised more shock deaths to come -- including characters who are still alive in the books! We asked our resident GoT expert to speculate on who will die this season and why...