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I've always felt strangely about Doom 3. On the one hand, it was a fairly revolutionary game, graphically. The lighting was striking. On the other hand, it looked kind of gross: humans in the game were starkly lit with strange, bump-mapped faces and odd, robotic movements.


The image here pretty much sums up what I remember of the horror movies I watched as a kid. Those Nightmare on Elm Streets and Friday the 13ths that me and my friends would rent on Halloween, some schlock for boys who would enjoy the tawdry thrills of watching dumb teenagers get kiled by some cartoonish villain (who could always walk faster than his victims could run, oddly). Of course these movies included pretty actresses who, of course, would disrobe, possibly in the act of hooking up with one of their male friends, before being attacked by the killer.


When people say the internet is just a series of tubes, they're not too far from the truth. It's made up of tubes, cables and data centres, which have to sit in boring buildings. Like the monstrous ones internet monolith Google makes use of.