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On Friday, the first night of TwitchCon 2017 in Long Beach, California, I was standing on a street corner, waiting for a traffic light to change. A roving pack of streamers walked up behind me. "Are you streaming right now?" one asked another. "Of course!" an IRL streamer replied. "If you're here and you're not streaming, what the fuck are you even doing?" The moment would prove to be illustrative of a divisive trend at this year's show that led to tension on show floor, trouble at parties, and even an arrest.


This year at TwitchCon, the show floor is playing host to a handful of box-shaped, see-through "Streamer Zones" where people can stream for their usual online audiences and also a real life one sitting mere feet away. If you're used to streaming from the comfort of your own bedroom, it can be terrifying.


Briefly: Nexon's booth at TwitchCon has the largest variety of booth foliage I've ever seen. So many different kinds of fake trees! Spring trees, fall trees, palm trees and even bamboo. I counted six different types in total, all to promote a game called Durango: Wildlands. As a booth foliage aficionado, I'm impressed.