The Story Behind Ultima’s Morality

When I think back on the games I played growing up, the Ultima series stands out as one of the most unique and compelling. These open-world fantasy RPGs helped define and establish many of the standards of the genre through nine main instalments and multiple spin-offs on a variety of…

Irony Sensors Explode As EA Shuts Down Ultima Forever

Irony Sensors Explode As EA Shuts Down Ultima Forever

EA is learning an important lesson at the moment — you can’t take treasured franchises, add fun-crushing gameplay based on player skeletonisation and micro-transactions and expect people to blindly lap it up. True, it’s one EA will fail to understand, or simply ignore, but we can pray that one day,…

11 Minutes Of Lord British’s New RPG, Narrated By The Man Himself

Shroud of the Avatar, Richard Garriott’s recently Kickstarted spiritual sequel to his Ultima RPG series, looks pretty damn good considering it’s currently just an early prototype. Here, Garriott narrates a short 11-minute walkthrough of some of the game’s features that they’ve been working on in the past few months.