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In yesterday's news there was a lot of you, myself included, who lamented the fact that Humble Bundle's downturn was largely thanks to the reduction in decent bundles.

But with a new day brings a new story and a new bundle. And guess what? It's actually worth buying.


Counter-Strike fans might know a thing or two about yelling, but pound for pound they're no more fierce than the fighting game community. Many of those fans have been around for decades -- quite literally -- and as you'd expect, they've seen an awful lot.

The Southern California regionals is a must on the annual FGC calendar, and it occupied the Ontario Convention Centre this weekend past. But during the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament, one player pulled off an absolutely ridiculous comeback.


It's not on the same level as Marvel vs Capcom, but everything that happens during the course of a Street Fighter 4 match is already insane.

So what if everything got even crazier? That's exactly what's about to happen with Ultra Street Fighter 4 Remix 1.0, which adds some mechanics and movesets that are truly absurd.