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In between the big, satisfying skirmishes in the new God of War, players can put gruff protagonist Kratos and his scrawny son Atreus in a boat and paddle across a lake while the father tells his boy a fable. The moments in the boat are among my favourite in the game. They reminded me of a wonderful sequence in last year's Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and of the great moments of peace in a lot of excellent action games that offer a refreshing breeze between the thunder cracks.


In this special holiday episode of the Favecast, we're joined by former game journalist/one-time guest Kotaku weekend editor and Dishonored 2 narrative consultant, Cara Ellison, to talk about the subtle things women notice when men write female characters, primarily through the lens of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.


Today on Highlight Reel we have Gronk madness, twisted wrestlers, Uncharted action and much more!


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is an easy video game to like in spite of its flaws. It's buoyed by a winning cast of characters and has some of the prettiest vistas this side of an actual trip to India. It also includes one of the most entertaining hidden features I've ever encountered in a video game.