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Whenever Destiny or its sequel crashes or has a connection failure, you get a distinct error code. Usually those codes correspond to an animal, fruit or musical instrument. Some are better than others.


At a recent Philadelphia Fusion watch party, a man proposed to his girlfriend by asking her to "be the Mercy to my Genji". I am very happy for this couple, but I must have a word with them about their taste in Overwatch ships.


Fortnite may be a battle royale game, but at times, it can also be a fashion show. Players judge you based on what you wear, just like most people do in real life.


Some Ryus are better than other Ryus. Here is our official, unexplained ranking of the following notable Ryus.


The Overwatch League is gearing up for its inaugural season in 2018. All of the 12 teams competing in the new esports league have been announced, backed by familiar sports names like Patriots owner Bob Kraft and Mets owner Jeff Wilpon. Some of these names are fun and good; others less so. Here they are, ranked from best to worst.


As a series, Gears of War likely has the best weapons in any shooter, period. Many of these weapons are surprisingly creative -- a chainsaw on an assault rifle?! -- and nearly all of them feel great to use.