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New GameStop Program Leads Employees To Lie To Customers

Have you gone to GameStop over the past few months and tried to buy a new game? Have they told you that it’s not in stock? They may simply be lying to you, fuelled by a new program that discourages GameStop salespeople from selling unopened copies of video games.

GameStop Is Overhauling Trade-Ins, Will Offer More Money

GameStop is overhauling trade-ins and launching a new program that will wind up giving people more money for the games they sell, Kotaku has learnt. The new initiative, which will launch on August 18, will simplify GameStop’s trade-in structure, reducing the complexity of what has become an unnecessarily obtuse service.

Microsoft’s Muddled Messaging Shown Off On Television

The battle over our rights to play used games took centre stage last night during Jimmy Fallon’s Video Game Week, a post-E3 celebration of all things ludic. Fallon had brought up Mark Cerny, lead designer of the PlayStation 4, to talk about Sony’s next gaming console. And inevitably the conversation…