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Yoan Fanise spent 14 years working at Ubisoft, and during that time -- some of which was spent working on the blockbuster series the company is famous for -- he was also somehow able to release one of the smallest, bravest games we've ever seen from a major publisher.


Could Valiant Hearts live up to that trailer? That trailer. Before the game's release I showed 'that trailer' to my wife. I never show trailers to my wife. After it had finished she looked over at me and burst into laughter in sheer disbelief: there was a single tear rolling down my cheek. That was the fifth time I had watched it. Every time. Every single goddamn time.


Valiant Hearts is a wonderful story trapped inside a video game. An epic tale set against a (mostly) realistic take on the First World War, Valiant Hearts tells the story of a number of very nice people caught up in the events of one of humanity's most pointless and bloody struggles.


It used to be that we'd get loads of war games based on World War II. Despite being an ugly conflict full of large-scale action and human drama, World War I never got as much consideration from video game creators. Valiant Hearts is going there, and it's going to look damned pretty in doing so.