valorant killjoy

Valorant’s New Agent, Killjoy, Has The Dome From The Simpsons

A small mishap on Riot Games’ part has resulted in┬áValorant‘s next hero being revealed. They’re called Killjoy, and they’re set to immediately become the most annoying character in the game — not least in part because their ultimate is basically the Dome from The Simpsons. Killjoy’s abilities popped up on…

valorant weapon skin

VALORANT Is Releasing $138 Weapon Skins

If you were ever wondering how exactly Riot intended to make bank on VALORANT, here’s your answer: skins that cost over $130. Riot Games announced the first cosmetic for their free-to-play shooter overnight, unveiling the first set of dragon-inspired weapons. It’s called Elderflame, and the guns, quite literally, look like…