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Steam is perhaps the most monolithic gaming platform, the PC's biggest show in town by a long shot. It's also a multi-layered mess of systems and ideas, a Frankenstein UI (FrankenstUIn) assembled from limbs and tissue whose purposes are dimly remembered at best. It annoys the piss out of me sometimes, is what I'm saying.


I first played Half-Life in 1998 and played it again over the last month for a series of livestreams on Twitch. It's been 19 years since the game was released, and what I experienced in 2017 made me reassess the game. It's a chaotic, if sometimes sloppy, masterpiece.


Back in the dial-up days, when it came to taking out Ts and CTs, you made do with an IBM Model M keyboard and Honeywell disc mouse. Over the last decade or so, peripherals that glow like psychedelic double-rainbows and sound like 50-cal. machine guns are all the rage. And the settings you can tweak -- DPI, mouse sensitivity, USB rate... being a pro Counter-Strike player requires tuning your gadgets and now you can benefit from their knowledge.


He's the most bad-arse tree in video games and the lower bracket finals at this year's International showed everything that makes the hero one of Dota's best.