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Some would consider a job at Valve right up there in the "dream" category... unless you've been there for a very long time and well, just want to do something different. Or take a break. Or any other perfectly valid or invalid reason. For Portal 2 and Half-Life 2 penman Erik Wolpaw, he wants to get into the juice business.


There's nothing worse than going on a tear in Counter-Strike, only to get gunned down by some arsehole who's spinning around, one-tapping everybody. He's obviously cheating. Why hasn't he been caught? According to Valve, it's complicated, but they're working on a new system to bust fun-killers.


After years of saying they'd do it, Valve is finally getting rid of Steam Greenlight, Steam's user-driven service for admitting smaller games to the Steam store. They're replacing it with something called Steam Direct.