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After kicking the Vega can down the road at Computex earlier this year, AMD finally unveiled their Vega series of GPUs at the SIGGRAPH event in Los Angeles. Three cards were unveiled: the Radeon RX Vega 56, an air cooled GPU available for $US399, as well as air cooled and water cooled iterations of the Radeon RX Vega 64.


People have been waiting for AMD to announce what their future of graphics cards looks like. And while people were hoping for more detail about AMD's Vega line of GPUs to be unveiled at Computex, the manufacturer just announced that everyone will have to wait until the end of July instead.


NVIDIA has pushed out the GTX 1080 Ti and lately we've seen the launch of the RX 500 series cards.

But it's really AMD's Vega GPUs that people have been holding out for. Earlier this morning the company confirmed it would start shipping the first Vega GPUs - although not the consumer cards people are expecting - from the end of next month - and as an added bonus, there's a new 16 core CPU to boot.


If you've been waiting to see what the pinnacle of AMD's graphics cards look like, you're about to find out. The company is using this year's Game Developers Conference as a platform to lift the lid on their Vega GPUs, and you can watch the livestream right here.


In an earnings call with investors, the chief executive of AMD has confirmed that the manufacturer is going to have a chockers first half of the year, confirming the launch windows for their upcoming Ryzen CPU and top-tier Vega graphics cards.