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Cowboy Bebop first aired internationally April 3 to June 26 in 1998, and two decades later, it's still one of the greats. Compete staffer Eric Van Allen started up a rewatch of the show and inspired all of the Cowboy Bebop fans on Kotaku and Compete's staff to reminisce about this foundational and groundbreaking anime.


The first season of Netflix’s Castlevania animated series was pretty good, if a bit rushed due to a four-episode length. The second season expands with more episodes, more characters, and some amazing fight scenes.

Staff writer Heather Alexandra and senior reporter Mike Fahey sat down to talk about how much they loved the new season.


Three decades ago Marvel Comics debuted one of its most popular anti-heroes, Spider-Man arch-enemy Venom. Now Eddie Brock and his slavering black and white symbiote pal have gotten a solo, Spider-Man free shot at the big screen. Did that turn out to be as bad an idea as it sounds? Chris Person, Ethan Gach and I discuss.


Some movies just make sense. Mandy, starring a near-feral Nicolas Cage, is not one of them. It begins as a glacially-paced exercise in psych-horror scene-setting before abruptly transforming into a drugged-out, neon-drenched revenge flick. Gita Jackson and I sat down to try to make sense of it all.


Last week I was on vacation, which was a great time to catch up on some TV. Kotaku's editor-in-chief Stephen recommended The Leftovers to me, an HBO show that finished a three season run last summer. I didn't expect to like the show as much as I did, and now all I want to do is talk about it. Jason Schreier and I sat down to do just that.


Black Panther came out last week and it completely blew my mind. I'm joined by Patricia Hernandez and Mike Fahey to talk about the wonder of Wakanda, colonialism, and especially Erik Killmonger.


Devilman Crybaby joined the Netflix roster last week, and it's one hell of an anime. A reimagining of the 1970s manga, it's a bloody story of love and loss. Staff writer Heather Alexandra and video producer Chris Person sat down to talk about why they love their precious demon boys.


Last week marked the official beginning of Overwatch League, Blizzard's official multi-million dollar pro Overwatch proving ground. To celebrate the occasion, a San Francisco bar called Brewcade played a couple of preseason matches on a big screen.


Netflix dropped another season of BoJack Horseman this weekend. As is tradition, I watched all of it all in one go without realising. While Kotaku's managing editor Riley MacLeod, intern Chloe Spencer and I had some problems with the fourth season's execution, we all still love this weird, depressing, hilarious show. So we sat down and talked about it.


Yesterday's announcement of a Secret of Mana remake (out 15 February 2018 for PS4, Vita and Steam) was welcome news to at least two of us here at Kotaku. To explain why Square's classic action-role-playing game is so special, we had an impromptu VGCHAT.