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Nintendo Hacker Is Trying To Make A Virtual Console For His Switch

A Nintendo Switch running a version of the SNES Classic home menu. Photo: Sam Breadman Nintendo might not have plans to bring Virtual Console to Switch, but that doesn’t mean somebody else won’t. In light of new details about how Nintendo Switch Online will work and the company’s plans to…

Virtual Console Is Not Coming To Switch, Nintendo Says

Perhaps one day, it will be possible to play Link to the Past on your Switch. In the wake of news that the Nintendo Switch’s online subscription service will include a Netflix-like library of NES games, fans have been wondering: Is the Virtual Console coming back? The answer to that…

Seriously, Nintendo: It’s Time For Mother 3

If you watched the June 19 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, you surely noticed something interesting in the crowd: A wrestling fan in the front row holding a giant pink posterboard sign that read “Localise Mother 3.”