warcraft iii

  • Classic Video Game Cutscenes Look Better In HD (Sometimes)

    Last week, YouTube user ClassiCinematics completed a month-long amateur remaster of all the cutscenes in Westwood Studios’ classic real-time strategy game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and its expansion, Yuri’s Revenge. Uploading their work alongside the original cutscenes for comparison, ClassiCinematics offers yet another way to look at and appreciate older games, and how…

  • Warcraft 3 Is Getting Yet Another New Patch

    Remasters of the first two Warcraft games is out of the question, according to Blizzard, but Warcraft 3 is much more realistic proposition, especially with the StarCraft remaster just around the corner. And with Blizzard planning yet another update for the game, it’s hard not to entertain the possibility.