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DC Universe’s upcoming Harley Quinn animated series is a show about being confronted with difficult truths which are blindingly obvious to everyone except for the people who need to understand them the most. Batman, for example, is a grown man who dresses up in bat-themed fetish gear, making it perfectly reasonable for Harley to assume that Batman fucks bats. That’s just logic.


Young Justice: Outsiders presumes you have a fair amount of familiarity with the characters’ backstories and plot lines from previous seasons, as well as DC Comics’ larger canon. The DC Universe show could have easily stuck with its core cast of heroes and continued along with their already complicated arcs, but Outsiders is doing something else.


If you were to ask a casual comic book fan who the usual members of the Justice League are, you’d probably hear the standards: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, the Martian, the fish dude, and so on. But for the past few years, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have been heavy-handedly trying to turn Cyborg into a core member of the League in a way that’s both narratively weird and optically questionable.


In just a few short years, Warner Bros.' DC Super Hero Girls franchise - which reimagines some of the comics giant's most famous female heroes as teenaged high schoolers - has become one of the company's most successful endeavours. It already consists of comic books, toys, and a web series, but now it's becoming a fully-fledged animated TV series premiering on Cartoon Network.