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  • What Are You Playing This Weekend?

    What Are You Playing This Weekend?

    Friends and loved ones: the weekend. What’s on for the weekend? Got any games you plan to chew through? For me, I think it’s mostly going to be Halo Infinite multiplayer (and keep an eye out for an important Halo piece on that going up here on Kotaku AU later tonight). Gotta grind up that…

  • What Are You Playing This Weekend?

    After a rip-roaring week of Christmas parties, I’m looking forward to some quiet time over the weekend. Two weeks until Christmas means that the shops will be buzzing, and the weather’s not good enough to take a trip down to the beach, so I’ll be staying in and gaming this weekend.

  • What Are You Playing This Weekend?

    What is usually a ‘dead’ period for video games has actually ended up turning up a handful of gems for me. I recently finished Gone Home and Papers Please and enjoyed both for completely different reasons and next week I’ll no doubt fire up my PS Vita when Spelunky is released, but now? I’m at…

  • What Have You Been Playing: Christmas Edition

    Christmas is a magical time. A time for new releases, a time for backlogs. A time for eating your body weight in beef, a time for making Grandma play Dance Central. But weirdly enough, I spent hardly any time during this year’s break playing games. Except for yesterday, when I played Dead Space for nine…