what are you…

  • What Are You Listening To?

    Do you know that thing where you fall in love with a song? Then you keep playing that song. All the time. Until one weird moment where you’re listening to said song and you sort of now hate it with every atom of your being? Yeah, I think I’m in the process of doing that…

  • What Are You Reading?

    Dear oh dear, I’ve finally caved and bought a Kindle to share with my wife. Typically, because I’m a Philistine, the first book I bought was Game of Thrones. I know, I know, I’m extremely late to the party, but I might as well start somewhere. But what are you guys reading at the moment?

  • What Did You Do For The Queen’s Birthday?

    Alright smarty pants, I know it’s not her real birthday, but whatever — most of us got a day off because of it, so I’m not arguing. Today is Tuesday, and we usually talk about non-game stuff, so what did you guys get up to on the public holiday? Anything interesting?