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In 2017, I played a lot of games, but only 10 could make the cut for this blog. Culling the heard to just 10 was heartbreaking and required intense soul-searching. In no particular order, the best games I played in 2017.


I've played approximately two billion video games this year. Narrowing that list down to 10 was a painful and bloody process, but I finally managed to choose my favourite games from one of the most exciting years in recent memory.


2017 has been an absolute insane year for incredible game releases. So many that I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to my personal shame-pile. But while I may not have gotten all the AAA action I wanted, I still managed to fall in love with plenty of titles.

Here are my favourites.


What Remains Of Edith Finch is a game about exploring an abandoned house, placing players in a curious world where everything has a deeper meaning. This already mysterious world goes a step further in including several dream and fantasy sequences, which capture the feelings of real-life dreams and help players feel what the characters are feeling.