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The Conduit To Support Wii Speak

In this GameTrailers segment we get to see and hear a bit more about The Conduit and Dead Space: Extraction, both Wii titles for hardcore gamers.

Wii Speak, In Action

Have you seen the Wii Speak microphone in action? I haven’t. So let’s watch, as this sweet, innocent Japanese teenager “meets up” with a friend in Animal Crossing and “does stuff”. Can’t understand much, but it’s clear they both recognise a lobster when they see one, one of them is…

Nintendo Reveals ‘Wii Speak’ Chat For Wii

At E3, Nintendo revealed Wii Speak, which appears to bring voice chat to the Wii via a speaker and microphone that go on top of the sensor bar. It acts as a “community microphone” that lets everyone talk in a room, and users can also post messages to friends’ cell…