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You're slowly creeping along the darkened halls of a haunted mansion, waiting for the next zombie to come shambling around the corner. It's a familiar situation, and you're not afraid. Sensors convey this information to your game console, and suddenly an ear-piercing shriek fills the air behind you. Your heartbeat elevates, your fingertips sweat.


A patent application filed by Nintendo mentions a Wii Vitality Sensor game in which players control the flight of a cartoon character with a combination of Wii remote gestures and - wait for it - breathing.


Missing in action. Conspicuous by their absence. The elephants not in the room. E3 delivered a cornucopia of news about new games, devices and concepts, but there were plenty of no-shows, too. These are the Glaring Omissions of E3 2010.


The Wii Vitality Sensor, unveiled by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata a year ago is a no-show at E3 2010, despite signals it would be here. A Nintendo spokesperson told Kotaku today that the peripheral wasn't right for the show.


In April, an Italian company announced "Wii Relax." Siliconera notes that, not only is that company's product site gone, Nintendo has now trademarked "WiiRelax" in Europe. Maybe they muscled in on the name after seeing I had shrewdly registered "WiiSittingOnOne'sAss."