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Xavier Woods and his New Day WWE tag team may have failed to regain the tag titles in the squared circle at last weekend's Clash of Champions, but Woods fared much better a few days before in some 2-on-2 Windjammers competition.

The WWE star hopped in the Northeast Championship fighting game tournament, and with his trademark hype levels, he decimated the playing field alongside the world's most skilled digital disc-thrower.


In what will probably be the first and last time I'm excited for anything involving Rabbids, the biggest release this week is comfortably the unusual cross-over between Mario and Ubisoft.

But the list of big hitters doesn't stop there: the first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm drops this week, ARK: Survival Evolved comes out of Early Access, and RedOut gets a well-deserved console release. It's a big week in games, people.


In a move they've used before, the Evolution fighting game championships is selecting its ninth official game via a charity donation drive. And that's all in good fun: it lets the fans really get behind the games they want to see most at EVO.

But there's one contender in this year's donation drive that's just a little bit different: Windjammers.