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In December of 2010, New York area plastic surgeon Hank Chien set the world record high score for Donkey Kong — 1,068,000 points. He topped that score four times over the next two years, setting the score at 1,138,600 in November of 2012. Thursday evening, DK competitor Robbie Lakeman scored 1,141,800 points, ending Chien's reign of terror.


Matt Siegfried wanted to be first. So the championship gamer — who's already notched #1 rankings — in various titles got Borderlands 2 as soon as he could at a midnight launch and started playing right away. Less than two days later, Siegfried (who plays under the name "Blitz") set a time record for hitting the level cap of Gearbox's hit sequel in 43 hours, 15 minutes. You can head over to Siegfried's TwitchTV page to watch his epic run in real time.


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Two Activision game testers staged a speed-eating competition of the KFC culinary profanity known as the Double Down, with the winner polishing it off in 57.97 seconds. Video inside, plus my review of the "sandwich."


Walter Day, a former oil industry executive so captivated by the video game craze that he founded an arcade that would later become the international sanctioning authority for record high scores, has retired from his creation, Twin Galaxies.