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The Ardainian Soldier enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had some weird battle cries in the English voice over. These bloodlusty, passionate shrieks tickled the hilarity bones of many players. The latest patch has bashfully edited these clips into more reasonable exclamations. Hear it for yourself in this brief video.


I played a lot Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before its release. I had to wait until after its release to download the Japanese voiceover DLC. Using the in-game cutscene viewer, I rewatched every cutscene I'd seen so far in the game, in Japanese this time. I made a video cataloguing some of the little differences I noticed in the first two chapters.


While playing through a recently-released role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch, I got to thinking. Wouldn't it be great if, instead of simply turning voice-over on or off, we could selectively mute individual characters? Who would you silence?

Aside from Tidus.


The Switch is such a familiar part of the gaming landscape now that it's strange to consider that Nintendo's hybrid device is about to head into its first holiday season. What's even stranger is that for Baby's First Christmas, Nintendo's lineup is overloaded with deep single-player fantasy adventures: Role-playing games Skyrim and Xenoblade Chronicles, and the RPG-tinged action of Fire Emblem Warriors.


Shown off during Nintendo's Treehouse stream yesterday, here's a solid chunk of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which looks great and is hopefully more up my alley than the first game. (I imagine the portability will help.)