year in review 2017

Nathan Grayson’s Top 10 Games Of 2017

It is the future. A young man, arms strong from competing with 100 other shoppers every day to be the only person to buy groceries at Target, eyes his grandmother expectantly. Her features betray exhaustion from years of delivering raw, unfiltered internet to those the three mega-providers deem unworthy, but…

The Year In Video Game Skies, 2017

Games love to pummel you with lists of things to collect, places to get to, and enemies to beat. Sometimes you just need to take a moment to pause, catch your breath, and look up at the beauty above.

The Year In JRPGs, 2017

From Tales to Dragon Quest to a brand flippin’ new Persona, this has been a stellar year for Japanese role-playing games. We’ve come a long way from the dark days of, like, 2012.