year of luigi

A Fitting Finish For The Year Of Luigi

This was the Year of Luigi, but it didn’t feel like the Year of Luigi. At least not until today, when Japan’s Good Smile Company revealed the Nendoroid Luigi figure, and I fell in love.

The Year Of Luigi Will Continue Into 2014

Remember that in February, Nintendo declared the “Year of Luigi”. Unless they were retroactively declaring January to be a Month of Luigi too, this proclamation should extend into 2014 — and Reggie Fils-Aime, the Nintendo of America president, said today it does.

Chicago’s L Becomes The ‘Luigi’ Train For A Day

I’m not sure Chicago commuters were ready for those huge, hypnotising eyes when Luigi greeted them on the city’s L train, rebranded as the “Luigi” yesterday to celebrate the character’s 30th year. He spent the day seeing the city, enjoying its deep-dish pizza and riding its famous elevated rail line.