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Over the past nine years or so since Kirby's Epic Yarn released on Wii, Yoshi and Kirby games have become something of an artistic testing ground for Nintendo to experiment with visuals that put style over raw processing power. From worlds made of string and felt, to claymation, we've seen numerous iterations of these two platformers push the physical craft aesthetic forward.

At a glance, Yoshi's Crafted World looks like just a natural extension of this design philosophy, but in practice it's often much more ambitious than that. It's a game that leans fully into tying its visual design and level design together in creative ways, and is all the more charming for it.


Games traditionally propel us forward with any one of these methods: increasingly tough bosses, collectable outfits, competitive skill points, unlocking new abilities, and, of course, story beats. Yoshi’s Crafted World is not like those games.

For me, the paper carrot at the end of its fuzzy pipecleaner stick is discovering what charming and surprising thing will appear next in the game’s jumble of household items and kiddy art projects.


I think I fell in love with Yoshi’s Crafted World when I discovered the costumes. You don’t know cute until you’ve seen Yoshi running around the place in a little shonky cardboard cow outfit. My heart melted.


Yoshi’s Crafted World is cute, fun, and either childish or relaxing, depending on your mood. So come chill and childishly relax with Stephen Totilo and I as we plunk around a bunch of levels, talk about how great Yoshi’s Island is, wonder why Nintendo decided to immediately send Yoshi games back to preschool after Yoshi’s Island, and ask the big questions - for example, if Yoshi’s World is Crafted now, what happened to his Woolly World? Mario only has one World, and now Yoshi has two worlds—and an island? That’s a little greedy.


With 2019 arriving in just a few weeks, it's time to start looking ahead to next year.

Things kick off soon with the launch of a long-awaited sequel, Kingdom Hearts 3, in January. Some major games are expected in 2019: The Last of Us: Part II on PlayStation 4 and a brand new Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch are the early highlights.