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This season's breakout anime was Yuri on Ice, a welcoming show about an insecure Japanese figure skater named Yuri, and Victor, the Russian skating legend who mysteriously decides to become his coach. Yuri and Victor develop a relationship flush with love and young sensuality. Since October, fans feverishly watched the simulcast, playing "will-they-or-won't-they?" while the protagonists teased sexual consummation.


Ever loved a piece of fiction so much you never wanted it to end? That's what fandom is for. While transformative works like fanfiction and fanart can serve more serious purposes like exploring subtextual themes or fixing up plot holes, sometimes it has a less lofty goal: Getting two cute characters to kiss. Here's what 2016 had to offer.


Today, how you feel about panty shots can determine how you feel about anime as a whole. And it's not just panty shots. In the blockbuster anime Food Wars, women's clothes burst off their bodies when they taste an exquisite bite of steak. Skirts often don't cover the bottom halves of women's butts in Prison School. Breasts are regularly the first body part to enter a shot in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. In the West, the practice of lacing gratuitous sexuality -- and especially female sexuality -- into an anime is known as "fan service". Love it or hate it, anime studios have made a conscious effort to feature "fan service" in most of this year's Western-subbed anime titles.


Compared to the winter's plush anime selection, spring 2016's offerings are a little slim. We had Berserk, Orange, Mob Psycho 100, ReLIFE, 91 Days and other high-impact titles scattered across shonen, fantasy, shoujo and historical fiction genres. This season's a little different. My top pics for this season are more about girls and female audiences.