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Five Security Myths Everyone Should Dismiss

Aug 23, 2013, 7:54pm

Physical security matters, but with huge amounts of data stored online, its importance can be overestimated.One word: Stuxnet. It wasn't getting something out that was the security problem though, it was someone bringing in a simple USB flash drive and then taking down an entire nuclear power facility. Then you have the Pwn Plug, a physical device designed to look like a common office object that is actually a powerful set of hacking and sniffing tools for networks and devices. All it takes is for someone to walk in pretending to be a professional of some sort and you open the doors to being hacked, or spied upon. It's also not the only item of its kind. If that wasn't enough, someone can easily pull the same stunt of pretending to be a professional and tricking your staff into installing a remote administration tool that allows them to control the machine.

So while it's not really the data walking out the door that's the big problem, it's what's walking in that is the bigger problem. Given that the biggest security risk of any company is the staff, physical security is very important to ensure that no one is trying to do anything untoward.