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There hasn’t been a better time to be a Star Wars fan. As this is being written, the ninth and final entry in the saga that began with George Lucas’ 1977 film Star Wars is one month away from release, concluding a story over forty years in the making. The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars TV series, is two episodes into a promising first season. The animated series Star Wars: Resistance is in the middle of its final season. In the world of publishing, a steady stream of Star Wars books and comics hit shelves on a weekly basis.


Clumsy, awkward, and stiff. Those are some words you can use to describe Shenmue 3. Rustic, charming, and cosy. Those are also words to describe Shenmue 3. The long-awaited third entry in Yu Suzuki’s adventure epic has all the quirks of the 1999 original, good and bad. You will either love it or be left asking: “What the hell is this?”


I’ve never been outdoorsy. I’m allergic to pollen and most animals, and not exactly athletic to boot. While I appreciate nature, I mostly do it from indoors, looking out, or by caring for my growing menagerie of plants. That’s why I managed to surprise myself a little getting lost in Death Stranding—I realised I didn’t even mind. I did feel extremely silly once I got back on track, but it made me look forward to going back to the Smoky Mountains.


I've made an argument for why you should watch The Clone Wars, but actually watching it is another thing. With 121 episodes, many of them filler, some of them oddly out of order, there's a certain art to getting the best out of your Clone Wars experience. Here's my list of the essential episodes you should be watching, neatly sorted into chronological order and cut down to only 66 episodes and a movie.


When it comes to dealing with Frostbite, Aaron Flynn, the former general manager of BioWare, has plenty of experience. He was the head of the studio when they shipped Dragon Age: Inquisition and was the face of Anthem at E3 when it was announced, only to leave the studio before Anthem shipped. Anthem and Dragon Age: Inquisition had particular problems developing with Frostbite, and in a new interview, Flynn tacitly highlighted those issues once more.


You win some, you lose some. Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you. Long have these sorts of aphorisms existed in the cultural lexicon. Now, thanks to popular streamer Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang, we’ve got a new one: Sometimes you catch the shiny Pokémon as part of two streams that last a total of 15 hours, sometimes you give your streaming audience $US5000 (around $7,300).


The unwieldy GameCube pad is ubiquitous in Super Smash Bros. competition. Smash players have long been improving the controller through mods, the latest of which is an internal hand-warming mechanism that gets fingers nice and toasty after periods of inactivity.