In Real Life


Just talk to each other. About anything. Christ I don't know, use your imaginations!

Complain about the heat. Talk about eh games you're playing, the TV you're watching. Talk about your cat, your dog, your goldfish. Talk about that dream you had when you went to school in your underwear.


Invented by German Inventor Hans Beck in 1974, Playmobil has been a toy store mainstay for decades, yet it's never reached the height of popularity enjoyed by the likes of LEGO. That could change this year, as Playmobil gets into the licensing game with Ghostbusters and How To Train Your Dragon.


A lot of the best cosplay photos on this site come from conventions, but many of you will never have actually been to one. So here, let this guided tour of the grounds of the recent Katsucon by Felix Wong act as the next best thing.


One of the highlights of last year's Batman V. Superman, Gal Godot's Amazonian warrior has her own movie in June, Justice League in November and a whole slew of toys, statues and collectibles shown at the 2017 New York Toy Fair to fill the space between.