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Artist Ant Lucia's 1940's re-imagining of popular female heroes and villains has become one of DC Comics' hottest properties, spawning a line of gorgeous statues, a comic book series, clothing and mugs. The only thing missing was poseable action figures. Consider that box checked.


Getting locked in a room causes a lot of anxiety. Getting locked in a room modelled after Resident Evil's Spencer Mansion? That's downright scary. The Resident Evil Escape Experience seeks to capture all the intrigue and puzzle solving from the famous horror series. I set out to solve its secrets last night and had an absolute blast.


Want to see 151 Pokemon based on Australia and Australian culture? Geelong-based artist Paul Robertson has answered your — somewhat unique — prayers. Robertson's credits include work on Scott Pilgrim and Gravity Falls and his talent and creativity is clearly on display with ockermon gems including Kaboomarang, Veebee and Quokkadile.


Three weeks into the release of Amonkhet, the latest Magic expansion, competitive play is tormented by an overpowered combo that players hate for making games feel less strategic and more like spinning a roulette wheel. 2017 has seen more cards banned from Magic's Standard format than in the past 10 years combined, but many pros find today's popular gameplay strategy boring enough to demand that yet another card get the boot.


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Magic: The Gathering is a very good card game that I am very picky about playing. I'm a casual player, more likely to challenge a friend at a bar than attend a local tournament. I'm not about to pore over apps and blogs to assemble some impenetrable, holy deck; I'd rather play Magic: The Gathering like I'd play Rummy or Egyptian Rat Screw. And Duel Decks let me do that.


It's no surprise that Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and consequently a pretty poor place economically speaking as far as game development is concerned. But if you're born and bred in Sydney, you want to finish your game and you've just quit your job, what do you do?

Some people might move back in with their parents, partner or relatives. Others might give up. Ben Johnson, developer of Geneshift, found another option: he travelled overseas for two years.