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Animaga is a smaller convention in Melbourne that focuses on anime, manga and games — hence the name. If you're not deep in the anime scene, or live outside of Melbourne then it may have just slipped under your radar. But where there's a convention, there's cosplayers, and Melbourne brought its A-game for Animaga.


With giant strides being made in machine learning, cloud computing, and web development, it's safe to say that the tech sector is booming. As a result, a myriad of jobs are opening up in the field—you just need some training to get your foot in the door. Now on sale for more than 90 percent off, the Ultimate Computer Science Career Bundle can get you acquainted with the essentials without breaking the bank.


You know what time of year it is: the week in the calendar where everything goes full sports, and old favourites re-appear. FIFA 18 drops on Friday, but for nostalgics it will be the release of the Mini SNES (and Star Fox 2) that has the biggest appeal.

Beyond that, it's a bit of a quiet week. There are some major titles before Friday though: a Total Warhammer sequel, Cuphead, Ruiner, another Danganronpa game, and One Piece comes to the Switch. Here's This Week In Games.


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Tokyo Game Show is as much about going shopping as it is playing games. Most of the major game publishers have two booths at TGS: One with game demos, and one selling merch. Some of it's available elsewhere in Japan, some of it's only available here. And most of it is really cool.


Just in time for next week's 10th anniversary of Halo 3: Live Halo Or Die Trying, the folks at gaming gear makers Jinx have launched a new line of official Halo clothes and things. Things like these six-inch vinyl figures of Battle Damaged Master Chief and Night Ops Spartan Locke, for example.

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Is it a phone? Or maybe a tablet with removable gamepads kind of like a Nintendo Switch? No one really knows, but Razer has been rumoured to be working on a mobile gaming gaming device for quite some time now, and according to a new interview between CNBC and Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, it seems like that might actually happen.