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  • 20 Cool Indie Games You Won’t See At The Game Awards

    20 Cool Indie Games You Won’t See At The Game Awards

    We are now blessed with not one but two annual Day of the Devs indie game showcases, and the latest one lives up to the event’s reputation. A roughly 90-minute stream yesterday highlighted some awesome-looking games from developers around the world, and I want to play all of them right this minute. Produced by DoubleFine…

  • Talk Amongst Yourselves

    Talk Amongst Yourselves

    Welcome to another Talk Amongst Yourselves, a home for Kotaku Australia readers to chat about anything and everything. Ask us questions in the comments. Get recommendations on new indie or AAA games! Rant about something at work, or have a whine about Windows updates. Whatever you prefer, drop a comment in here, and you’ll find…