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YouTuber Joe "Angry Joe" Vargas is famous for his funny game reviews, but over the years, the growth of his channel has put a strain on his ability to produce them. After announcing he was taking a break from game reviews for two months, fans have lashed out at the creator, who has since disabled comments on his videos.


Overwatch features characters with body types and backgrounds that are not often seen in pop culture, let alone first person shooters. For many of us who rarely see ourselves reflected in media, this cast can seem radical and even life-changing — especially in my case. Zarya, Overwatch's Russian strong-woman tank, inspired me to start weightlifting.


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What happens when the world's favourite brand of stack-able potato crisps meets Nissin's popular line of Japanese-style survival rations? Lots of people tilt their heads and go "huh," for starters.


For as much as we all want a stable, blazing-fast internet connection at home, for a lot of people, fixed connections are just not working out. If this sounds painfully familiar, it might be time to consider mobile broadband.


Just recently a colleague took a picture of their board game collection and mused, "What games should I bring?" It was a question for a board game night, but it made me think of the very reasonable question: what board games have you been playing lately?


You're at a party. It is not lit. It is so unlit you are likely to be eaten by a grue. You and your gamer friend exchange a knowing look: I would much rather be playing games.

She pulls out a phone, and pulls up Triple Agent. Hallelujah! Game on.


With Adobe this morning announcing that they would stop updating and distributing Flash Player at the end of 2020, the date has finally been set for the death of Flash. And it's not before too long: the standard was riddled with security errors, and Adobe couldn't update it fast enough to plug all the holes hackers kept finding.