How To Crack Stellar Blade’s Station 8 Monorail Code

How To Crack Stellar Blade’s Station 8 Monorail Code

After your early moments in the PS5-exclusive action game Stellar Blade, you’ll be given a quest called “Scavenger Adam,” where you’re asked to travel to the Hall of Records. The only problem? There’s a stubborn math puzzle standing between you and a monorail that will take you to your destination.

This guide will go over the correct number sequence to get you out of the rainy streets of Stellar Blade’s opening environment. But first, be sure you’ve collected everything important.

Before you enter the code, go back and grab everything from this area

In order to avoid needless backtracking for the time being, be sure to spend some time wandering around to find everything you possibly can. By hitting the touchpad on your DualSense, you’ll ping the surrounding area. This will highlight enemies (great for not getting jumped by an enemy waiting around the corner) and it will show you deceased humans who have items you can grab. Once you’re satisfied with digging around, go on to activate the monorail.

Activate the Tetrastar power terminal

Pictured: The correct code for the monorail.
Screenshot: Shift Up / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

No, I can’t explain to you mathematically what’s going on with this little code thing. I just brute forced it because math doesn’t work in my head. So here’s the correct sequence that I spent entirely too long trying to figure out:

3, 8, Blank Space, 6, Blank Space, 1

Once you enter the code exactly like that (leaving blank spaces where indicated), you can go up to the monorail terminal to activate it. The car will then pull in and you’ll be on your way to do some more killing.

Stellar Blade has its share of puzzles and hidden things to find. Fortunately, nothing seems too hard at the moment (and certainly nothing that some brute forcing won’t fix if math problems aren’t your thing).

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