The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second piece of downloadable content, The Champions' Ballad, is a distillation of everything the game does well. Its collection of puzzle shrines holds some of the most inspired moments of the series, culminating in a wonderfully complex final dungeon. It is a strong end to the DLC season that elevates one of the year's best games to further heights.


Mario is synonymous with jumping, so the prospect of playing Odyssey without vaulting into the air probably sounds ludicrous. But, as it turns out, the game only considers very specific acts to be a "jump", prompting one YouTuber to see if he could finish the game while keeping the jump counter at zero.


I played a lot Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before its release. I had to wait until after its release to download the Japanese voiceover DLC. Using the in-game cutscene viewer, I rewatched every cutscene I'd seen so far in the game, in Japanese this time. I made a video cataloguing some of the little differences I noticed in the first two chapters.


When Nintendo unveiled its lineup of launch-year games for Switch back in January, most people had the same thought: Which of these is gonna get delayed? I mean, delaying games is what Nintendo does. So who could have suspected it would actually release everything this year?