If you missed out on Borderlands 2 or have always been a little curious about Evolve, Xbox Live's Games with Gold will look pretty good to you for March. Paying subscribers to Xbox Live can grab these four games for "free"if they have an Xbox Live Gold subscription.


Arena was Frontier's standalone, player-versus-player version of Elite Dangerous. It's also part of the main game, but back in February 2016, the developer had a crack at releasing the competitive component as its own thing. Now, a year later, Frontier has yanked the title from both the Xbox Store and Steam, citing poor metrics and a desire to reduce its maintenance burden.


I've chopped, smashed, and stabbed more medieval bodies in the past few days than I can count. I've also been cut open, impaled, and beheaded more times than I care to admit. Kill and be killed — that's the proposition at the heart of For Honor, a game in which burly men and women swing crafted hunks of metal at one another until someone eventually bites it. It's a humble vision, but one the game manages to turn into an art form all its own.


Move over Catwoman, Injustice 2's got DC Comics' actual cat-woman to the line-up. The latest trailer for Injustice 2 showcases the fighting women of DC, featuring Poison Ivy, Black Canary, Catwoman and the animalistic Cheetah. We're going to need a bigger litter box.


At this point you probably don't have a need for an Xbox 360, but you might.

And maybe you want to buy one for a gift, I don't know. I don't know anything anymore.

But what I do know: this is a really good deal. Hopefully it's useful to someone out there.


It's neat when developers go to great lengths to replicate real places in their games, though when it comes to Australia, those situations are few and far between. The most notable case in recent times is Forza Horizon 3 and its, uh, interpretation of the Great Ocean Road. If you've been waiting for a detailed comparison of the game's digital locales and how they match reality, Aussie YouTuber "Toddlez" has exactly what you need.


You've always been able to technically play Fallout Shelter on PC and Macs, thanks to the glory of Android emulators. But if you need another reason to dive into the vault, the game's officially available (for free, of course) on Windows 10 and Xbox One today.