This week, 2K Sports released WWE 2K18, the 19th title in the pro wrestling series that dates back to THQ's two SmackDown games released on the original PlayStation in 2000 and subsequently became an annual release. Unsurprisingly, it's a massive disappointment of the same variety that the franchise has been churning out for years.


When we meet Sebastian Castellanos at the beginning of The Evil Within 2, he's a broken man. The mind-bending events of the previous instalment fractured his psyche. He blames himself for not being able to save his daughter Lily from a house fire, and his wife left him. He's been booted from the police force and he spends his days in seedy bars, searching for solace at the bottom of a glass.


GTA Online's latest update adds "Transform Races" where players compete on tracks with checkpoints that instantly transform vehicles into something new. For example: one moment you're racing around on a motorcycle, only to hit a checkpoint where you will soar away in a fighter jet. The mode incorporates everything from boats to helicopters, and it's a great fit for GTA Online.


Cuphead's difficult but cute. The game's cartoony art-style brings everything to life with bouncy charm. Some fans have embraced the game's visuals and created their own cupheaded characters.


The influx of randomised loot boxes into games like Shadow of War and Star Wars Battlefront II has kicked off a discussion about their inclusion in games. Discussions of multiplayer imbalance and blocked off game content ignore an important truth: loot boxes are an ethical problem. They exist largely to exploit players and create addicts.


For fans of all things Jason Voorhees, any Friday the 13th on the calendar is a time for celebration and last week was no exception. With a physical release on shelves and free DLC for all players, the studio behind Friday the 13th: The Game helped ensure the campfires around Crystal Lake burned brightly.