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There was a time when we thought of prepaid plans as the domain of children and drug dealers, but thanks to a bevy of tiny telcos offering great prepaid rates, the market for these no commitment SIMs is heating up. Here are our picks for prepaid plans with the longest expiry, 10GB of data and under $30 per month.


Fidget spinners are taking the country by storm, as the Tamagotchi and yo-yo did before them. Unlike those other examples, spinners aren't necessarily toys, but rather concentration tools for distracted or hyperactive kids. They're being banned from schools all the same. In New York, you can grab one at pretty much any convenience store and twirl to your heart's content. If you can't grab one, we'll, there's an app.


Popularised by games like Puzzles & Dragons, mobile match-three puzzles games usually contain overly-complex mechanics, obnoxious microtransactions and a constant stream of ads for the amazing heroes you could get if you just spent enough cash. Take away those things and you get Match Land.


It used to be that mobile broadband was for a very specific kind of person. A road warrior who needed to stay connected between sales meetings or nights away from home, for example. But with the price of data dropping all the time, the rise of tablets, and with the prevalence of features like Data Sharing, mobile broadband is enjoying increased popularity.


The movie Office Space struck a chord with just about everyone working in a cubicle environment in the late '90s, nailing the ridiculous of the everyday grind. Office Space: Idle Profits, out now for iOS and Android from Kongregate, nails the grind in a different sort of way.


Since the release of the 2010 original, Adult Swim's unicorn runner has been delighting players with fanciful flights over fantastic dreamscapes to the turn of Erasure's "Always". Robot Unicorn Attack Forever takes that base and builds a collectable robot gacha game on top.


There's a new Star Wars game out on mobile today, and it doesn't involve collecting characters, buying things in order to unlock characters, or forming a party of collectable characters. At this point a match-three game like Star Wars: Puzzle Droids is kind of refreshing.


Every once in a while, a Hearthstone deck rolls around that's so strong, so finely-tuned and so effective, it's hard not to play against it without getting at least a little bit salty. In the wake of the game's latest Journey to Un'Goro expansion, that deck is called the Quest Rogue.