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Kotaku posts news as it happens plus popular regulars like:

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Posted daily Conversation post. Kotaku's forum.

While You Were Sleeping

Posted daily Quick link round up of stories coming in overnight.


Posted daily Retro guessing game. Readers try and guess what game we draw.

This Week In Games

Posted Monday A round-up of games coming out in Australia that week.

App Deals

Posted daily A daily roundup of discounted mobile games.

Community Review

Posted Monday Readers talk about a big new game.

Off Topic

Posted Tuesday A chance for readers to talk about non-gaming (but nerd related) stuff.

The Big Question

Posted Wednesday A weekly poll post about anything and everything.

Tell Us Dammit

Posted Thursday Where Kotaku asks the readers for advice or thoughts on an issue.

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Posted Friday Broad topic about what games you're playing right now.



Kotaku Editor

Alex Walker is the editor of Kotaku Australia and is also known for his work across ABC Technology & Games,, PC Powerplay, Techly and others.

Alex broke into the industry as a specialist esports reporter and was a finalist in 2014 and 2015 in the Best Gaming Journalist and Best Technical Journalist categories in the Australian IT Journalism Awards.

He also spent over a decade chasing the esports dream, playing in competitive tournaments and leagues for Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Quake 3 and Call of Duty player. Read Alex’s articles here.