Injustice 2 has only been available since Wednesday, but players think they have already found its strongest — or possibly cheapest — character. Deadshot, a frequent Batman villain whose sole power is that he can shoot well, brings a wide variety of firearms to NetherRealm Studios' latest DC Comics fighter. Some players are already frustrated with his ability to win matches without landing a single close-range attack.


After two days of play in Berlin, the grand finals for the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship came down to the wire between Chevrey "Vitality_Rocky" Corentin and Shaun "xShellzz" Springette. Despite losing the lead on his home turf, a last-minute rally helped Corentin barely scrape by and secure his spot as the 2017 Ultimate Team champion.


Last weekend saw Capcom open up a special beta for Street Fighter 5 which, in addition to giving the community a chance to try the game's improved online modes, provided a preview for the next downloadable character. Ed, a rapidly ageing M. Bison clone saved by Balrog during the story of Street Fighter 4, shocked fans due to his rather simplistic attack inputs, and players were eager to get their hands on the newcomer during the brief beta window.


The debate over coaching in competitions ebbs and flows like the tide. After a flurry of tweets from pros and personalities alike on the subject, it seems like the question of whether coaching should be allowed in competitive Super Smash Bros. For Wii U is being raised again.


Last weekend's Battle Arena Melbourne Street Fighter V tournament was gruelling for the high-level Street Fighter V talent it drew to Australia. The event was so stacked, even a legendary fighting game competitor like Daigo Umehara failed to make much of an impact, but no one expected The Beast's most challenging opponent to be himself.


This past weekend, we opened the doors to the Gizmodo Media Group offices and welcomed any and all challengers to try their hand at beating a Street Fighter V champion. From young newcomers to surprise upstarts, and even other pros lurking in the waters, here are some of our favourite moments from an incredible night.


This past weekend, Compete hosted several Street Fighter pros and commentators at our offices for a public event where fans could sign up to battle against top SFV players.

Since we had this all-star roster of Street Fighter aficionados hanging out at our offices, the Compete staff pulled them aside to preview the Nintendo Switch version of Ultra Street Fighter II, which won't be released to the public until May 26. They liked it.


The next mainline Dota 2 patch hit the game's servers today, and with it came a litany of balance changes meant to address the most pressing concerns in the wake of the Kiev Major. With The International 7 looming on the horizon, it's time to fine-tune the game that will be played for millions in prizes — and Valve started by taking a hatchet to all respawn talents.