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Fortnite's Coral Castle (Screenshot: Epic/Kotaku)

Rumoured ‘Atlantis’ Area Appears In Fortnite

Fortnite’s water level has been going down throughout the season, unearthing old points of interest that are a little worse for wear. Dataminers have been finding hints of a new area, which players have named Atlantis. That area appeared on the map today, officially named Coral Castle.

Fortnite characters from the Summer Legends pack (Screenshot: Epic/Kotaku)

Oh God, Fortnite Made Peely Worse

Fortnite’s terrible banana has a new summer look, as part of yesterday’s Summer Legends cosmetic pack. It raises some questions, mainly: Dear God, why?

valorant killjoy

Valorant’s New Agent, Killjoy, Has The Dome From The Simpsons

A small mishap on Riot Games’ part has resulted in┬áValorant‘s next hero being revealed. They’re called Killjoy, and they’re set to immediately become the most annoying character in the game — not least in part because their ultimate is basically the Dome from The Simpsons. Killjoy’s abilities popped up on…