Earlier this year, manga Terra Formars went on hiatus due to writer Yu Sasuga's health. The manga was slated to return this spring but was still MIA. However, Sasuga appears to have recovered, and Terra Formars will resume publication next autumn.

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Christmas is looming, and hopefully that means getting the chance to get through some of the books that are on your ever-growing shame pile. If you are looking for more to add, or are simply after some new recommendations - this is what the team will be reading over the summer break.


The Vindicators - featured in an episode of Rick and Morty this season - are kind of like if all the Guardians of the Galaxy were emotionally-stunted, alcoholic sex fiends who became a superhero team because they had nothing better to do with their time. While there's a very good chance they will be coming back to the show eventually, the squad's about to get its own comic book courtesy of Oni Press.