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Pictured with six-inch Wolverine, not included.  (Photo: Hasbro)

Hasbro Is Making A 26-Inch, $500 X-Men Sentinel Figure

On Friday Hasbro launched a crowdfunding campaign for one of the most requested big-budget X-Men toys ever — a large-scale version of the iconic mutant-hunting sentinel robot. The company was looking for 6,000 backers to pledge $US350 ($504) each to get the 26.34-inch figure made. It was funded in a…

The Art Of Disintegration

I know the game came out a little while ago now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but things on this planet have been busy, you know? And so tonight we’re circling back around to feature some art from Disintegration, mostly because I love a robot with a jacket on.