The PS1 had some of the most innovative JRPGs ever developed. Vagrant Story was at the top of its class. Directed and written by Yasumi Matsuno, it's a role playing game that defied categorization, mixing genres while telling a complex story that blended seamlessly with the gameplay and art style.

It's by far the darkest Final Fantasy game, even if the connection is tangential thanks to geography (Vagrant Story takes place in Ivalice, the same world as FFXII and FF Tactics).


In 2014, some early Bloodborne footage showed off a big enemy with a flaming hand. It has taken until November 2017 -- long after fans assumed this beast had simply been cut from the finished product -- for that enemy to actually be found within the game.


On 20 November 2007, Harmonix, EA and MTV Games released the first Rock Band in the US, a four-player, instrument-driven rhythm game that briefly changed the face of social multiplayer gaming. A year later, on 7 November 2008, it was released in Australia. Where are your plastic instruments now?


When we last left LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four had banded together to gather the cosmic doohickeys needed to finish story mode and get to the exciting free-roaming bits. Four years later, the X-Men and Fantastic Four are gone, but everything else is pretty much the same.


When I heard that the 2011 detective game L.A. Noire was getting remastered for current consoles, my first thought was, "Oh, cool! That was an interesting game." Then I remembered that L.A. Noire was a very weird game, and one I didn't even like back when I first played it.