It's a bit too rough to do a second clue for yesterday's game, which was Audiosurf. Nobody guessed the game, which is a bit of a bummer.

Maybe you can all redeem ourselves today.


Claymore35 got it first: the last two ScribbleTaku clues were from Heroes of Might and Magic, specifically HOMM3. What a game.

Let's see how you go with today's clue.


Well well. Lots of guesses yesterday, but nothing on the mark. Time for a second clue, then!


Good work anyone who guessed The Incredible Machine, which was Friday's game. Matt_phipps jumped in first, though.

Let's see how you go today.


The most recent ScribbleTaku was Commando, the ZX Spectrum game. Surprised nobody guessed it. One person in particular actually.


People's memories of The Hobbit are pretty good then. I'd like to say WiseHacker's memory especially, but they admitted that they took a complete shot in the dark yesterday.

Nice work, anyway. Let's see how you all go today.


Fewer and fewer new releases find their way into arcades these days. Even the latest version of Street Fighter, a series synonymous with the scene, ended up forgoing an official arcade cabinet having settled instead solely on the virtual arena of online multiplayer. Fortunately, there are still people trying to preserve the feeling of local co-op with new machines.


Nice work hamish77! Yesterday's game was the iconic Wave Race 64. Well done mate.

Let's see if you can beat them to the punch today - or if hamish can go 2 for 2.


Nobody actually got Friday's game, probably because I tried to use the Windows 10 creative space instead of, y'know, actually drawing it.

It was Star Fox 2, by the way. The shield icons, in case you're wondering.


Dammit Wisehacker. Could you have nailed Perfect Dark: Zero any faster?

Let's see if someone beats them to the punch today.


Memories of Dark Forces 2 are strong, they are. Nobody really seemed to have trouble with the Star Wars shooter yesterday.

But how will you go with today's game?


Nice work, nangaz. I didn't expect Betrayal at Krondor to be an easy game to spot, but you picked it out in just over an hour. That's not too bad for something a bit left field.

But can you do just as well today?