So was it International Karate, Karate Champ, Way of the Exploding Fist or Karateka? Yesterday's game was the latter - Karateka from Jordan Mechner, who used the same rotoscoping techniques later on to create Prince of Persia and, later in life, The Last Express. True legend of early game development.

Today's game made a similar impact on the industry. Can you guess what it is?


OK, OK. You all remember Q*Bert just fine, then. That's a good thing though.

But can you remember today's game?


Casual Prolix nearly went two for two yesterday - but it was cammobobbo who chimed in first, nailing yesterday's game as Rock n Roll Racing. Nice work, you two. One of Blizzard's early games and probably something they'll never make again, Rock n Roll was an isometric arcade racer. You can get it through Blizzard direct these days, although I think there's better arcade racers from that period.

But onto a new game! Let's see how you do.


Well down Casual Prolix, again. Yesterday's game was Syndicate, the original Bullfrog version. The icon was the persuadeotron, which you used to possess (of sorts) agents and researchers to take them back to your hovel. Good game, although it hasn't aged well at all.

Let's see if you can remember today's game.


Crash Team Racing was no challenge for you last week, it seems. Although I'm not wholly surprised. Apples like that stick out pretty well, especially in a week when we got a Crash remaster.

But let's see how you go with today's game.


Destruction Derby is still remembered quite fondly, it seems. Pretty much everyone nailed it, although there were a few people who thought it might have been the original GTA. Which I can understand, although I don't remember any cars in GTA having triangles on them for damage. They just crumpled and blew up.

Anyway, it's time for a new game. Let's see how you go.


Looks like everyone remembers Duck Hunt pretty fondly, then. I'm kind of surprised that I managed to draw the duck as accurately as I did, to be honest. But I've found it's nice to reach into something that everyone recognises easily every now and again. It's a fun walk down memory lane.

Let's see if we can do that again today.


So Biker Mice from Mars was finally outed as the ScribbleTaku from yesterday. And of course, decoy picked it.

Everything is as it should be. Shall we have a new game, then?


OH MY GOD how did nobody get yesterday's game.

You're all going to kick yourselves when you find out what it is.


Finally! Gemini picked Friday's game as Metroid Prime 2, which I'm glad someone finally got.

But I have an idea for today's game. I wonder if you'll be able to get it.


Yesterday's ScribbleTaku was a bit left of centre. Eventually Casual Prolix spotted the game as Abuse, a side-scrolling platformer from the mid 90's that shipped with its own level creator. Real good game. Unappreciated gem, I think.

Anyway, let's see how you all go with today's game. And I promise it'll be something a little more recognisable.