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Image: Analogue

The Analogue Pocket Retro Game Boy Handheld Ships In May 2021

Last year, Analogue, makers of excellent high-end retro consoles like the Analogue NT (NES) and Mega SG (Sega Genesis), announced a high-def portable Game Boy console complete with its own HDMI dock, due out in 2020. Thanks to covid-19’s effect on the supply chain, the Analogue Pocket is now shipping…

Screenshot: Kotaku

Video Game HUDs Used To Be Cool

Video games look really good these days. I boot up almost any PS4 game released in the last few years and I’m impressed. But while games might look nicer than ever before, we lost cool looking “heads-up displays”, HUDs, in the process. Was it worth it?

internet archives prototypes

Hundreds Of Unreleased Prototype Games Are Playable For Free

Hundreds of prototypes of some of the most iconic games — Double Dragon, Street Fighter 2, Mega Man 3, AKIRA, Prince of Persia, Dr. Mario, NBA JAM, Killer Instinct and much more — have been uploaded to the Internet Archive and are now accessible to all. The archive includes about 934 ROMs playable on any browser,…