If you missed out on the joys of Toy Soldier Simulator back when it was released in 2002, you'll be pleased to know that it's making a resurgence.


Seems like everyone still recognises the original Halo pretty quickly, because that was yesterday's ScribbleTaku. It was the health/shield display to be specific, although I did like the part where someone guessed "Call of Halo 6". Well played.

Let's see how you go today.


Yesterday's game got knocked off pretty quickly as well: it was Outrun, or specifically the Start banner. Seems the gap in the lettering was the big hint for most people.

Let's see if today's game is just as recognisable.


Narita Boy is part video game project, part idle day dream. Even its creator isn't entirely sure what it will become. But the art and energy behind it is undeniable. Like a long forgotten NES cart buried in your grandparents' basement, Narita Boy insinuates itself in the imagination like a memory of something that never happened.


Yup, last week's game was Spy vs. Spy for the Commodore 64. The timer box was too much of a giveaway, but it was the second clue after all. But it's a new week, so let's see how you do with this game.


Physical controls are all the rage, but they've got nothing on sound! OK, they have everything on sound, but that hasn't stopped Andreas Refsgaard and Lasse Korsgaard, a pair of "interaction designers and creative coders", coming up with this experiment where one can play Wolfenstein 3D with just their mouth. Loud noise warning: Be sure to turn down your speakers before hitting play!


Nobody picked up yesterday's ScribbleTaku, so here's a second hint to help you all out.