Well, it seems Scrumptatoes' game was a little too unrecognisable for people. It was Forbidden Siren 2 from the PS2, which was apparently touch obscure for everyone.

Let's see how everyone goes with today's game.


And to think people thought they had Scrumptatoes' game from yesterday. But you didn't! Our guest ScribbleTaku has survived to a second day, and Scrumptatoes kindly provided a second drawing to help you all along. Can you guess the game this time?


Video games can make us feel large and powerful, but they also have the ability to make us very small, granting us a unique perspective on everyday life. Here's to the games and multiplayer maps that turn us into tiny people in a big, big world.


Well, it didn't take much for everyone to guess yesterday's ScribbleTaku as Blood. I'm actually quietly impressed with how close I got the drawing, given my skills, even though the index finger on the right hand is blatantly out of whack.

Today's scribble comes courtesy of Scrumptatoes. Can you guess the game?


Two for two for Crotchdot, then. Yesterday's game was indeed the rope counter from Spelunky; nice work mate.

Can you guess today's game?


If you haven't heard of Blood, you're missing out: it was one of the best DOOM/Duke Nukem clones of the 1990's. It's been selling on Steam and GOG for a while, which is all well and good.

If you pick up either of those versions you'll need to deal with the joys of emulation, specifically DosBOX. But if you'd like an alternative, one gamer has found a way to get the whole thing going - in Java.


Well, nobody got yesterday's ScribbleTaku. And people were a fair way off base as well - so let's see if we can't get you back on track today with a second hint.


With only 114 U.S. game releases and fairly reasonable aftermarket prices, the Sega Master System is an increasingly popular target for collectors who want to try amassing a single console's entire library. But as soon as you start, you find out that it's a lot more of a pain in the arse than you'd imagined.


Looks like your memories of Magicland Dizzy are pretty good. Or just Dizzy, as the case was: plenty of people guessed Fantasy World or Treasure Island Dizzy, but not Magicland. But I'm not going to be too harsh here - you all knew the character I was drawing.

Let's see if you can guess today's game. It should be equally iconic, I hope.


It's not often you see developers bragging about games running on a 7MHz CPU. But when you're remaking a machine that first hit the market in 1982, 7MHz is actually a hell of a lot.


Yup, mysteryman was right: Mark's ScribbleTaku on Friday was Super Metroid, the pipes at the top of Mother Brain's glass tank. Nice work mate.

But it's a new week. Can you guess today's game?


Congrats to 35 who guessed — like everyone — that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Bubsy.

Today it's my turn.


Did you guess Lamborghini American Challenge for the latest ScribbleTaku? That was the game over the last couple of days, with dre666 and claymore35 both nailing the game (albeit it across different regions). Well done, you two.

It's time for a new game, however. Can you guess what it is?


There's a certain strain of Nintendo fan that's probably wondering, these days: What's up with Wario platformers? Once a staple of the company's lineup, action games starring Mario's bizarro-world clone have been MIA for nearly a decade. By reviewing the history of Wario, we might understand why. So let's do it.