Dan Marshall set out to make a game based off a single tweet, where he admitted to having very little knowledge of how soccer is played and, frankly, not caring to learn. The result of that exercise is Behold The Kickmen, an irreverent caricature of soccer that somehow makes the full loop around to being one of the most accidentally excellent takes on the virtual pitch.


Josh Wittmann was playing a game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds the other day when server lag struck, stranding all 100 players on the plane before they were forcibly ejected, landing everyone at the same location. While some folks fled for their lives, the rest did the honourable thing and just started swinging.

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We hate to break it to you, but the traditional USB ports you've used to connect your cameras, controllers and other gizmos for the past 20 years aren't long for this world. The whole squad's getting replaced by a few great alternatives, though they each come with their own pros and cons. If you're thinking of upgrading your devices this year, here are the ports you'll need to get familiar with to keep up with today's tech.


Welcome to suburbia, where nothing exciting ever happens. Even your job as a veterinary intern isn't thrilling, since all you do is answer phones. But one day, an adorable hamster shows up and you decide to give him a little kiss on the forehead. Except this isn't your ordinary adorable hamster: It's a gorgeous, naked man who's been cursed by a witch! This is the world of Animal Lover.


Blade Runner fuses together a morally ambivalent story about godhood with a visual panache that has shaped cinematic science fiction since its 1982 release. While it has inspired many games like Snatcher, Mean Streets, and the forthcoming Cyberpunk 2077, there have actually been only two Blade Runner video games, each of which approaches its source material in unique ways.