Gabriel Angelos might have no trouble surviving, but chances are you might struggle a bit more in the Dawn of War universe. So if you're new to the series, or your last taste of Dawn of War was back when the PS3 still ran Linux and the 360 looked like the Ring of Red Space Marines, here's some tips for playing Dawn of War 3.


Why waste energy moving a mouse around when you can control everything by placing your hand atop a large glowing sphere like some sort of techno wizard? The world needs more trackballs.


Alas, a project to bring Red Dead Redemption to the PC using Grand Theft Auto 5 has come to a sad, yet predictable end. It appears developer Rockstar and publisher Take-Two didn't take the work of modding group White Team too seriously... that is, until it released a trailer. Shortly after the drop, the video disappeared from YouTube, followed by confirmation from White Team that it had been, er, contacted by Take-Two.


In 2008, I brought my laptop over to my friend Amanda's house to pirate Spore. Her boyfriend Nate, who worked at the local GameStop, told me to. It's the shit, he said, and everyone's downloading it for free. I connected my laptop to her internet and opened Limewire, 2008's file-sharing software du jour. It was my first and last time pirating a video game.


Picture somebody playing a first-person shooter. You probably imagine them sitting stock still, staring ahead with an almost blank expression on their face, one that denotes quiet focus. You might, however, be missing one key detail: their eyes are moving all over the dang place.


The next Call of Duty is probably set during World War II, as is evidenced pretty strongly by its title, Call of Duty: WWII. Activision announced the game today, adding that there will be an official "reveal" next Thursday at 3:00AM AEST.